When time is important, access IRL

AccessIRL is a web-based electronic laboratory test ordering and reporting system designed for use in physicians' offices, nursing stations, mobile phlebotomy units or virtually anywhere there is a computer with internet access! AccessIRL allows clients to maintain patient demographics, place orders electronically and print out requisitions, eliminating the need for filling out hand-written requisitions. The AccessIRL online ordering system contains all of IRL’s test codes as well as the latest diagnosis codes. Furthermore, for Medicare patients, it will perform the medical necessity check automatically and notify the user when DX codes fail, prompting for different codes or to print an ABN.

AccessIRL provides clients with immediate, real-time results. As results are finalized in the lab, they are sent out electronically to the clients’ AccessIRL account where they can be printed out or viewed in real time.

Because AccessIRL is a web-based program, it can be accessed from any computer that has an internet connection. Thus, allowing physicians the flexibility and mobility that they need for viewing patients’ results.

IRL offers its AccessIRL clients several hardware setup options:

  • Thin Setup – Clients use their own computer system and internet connection when using AccessIRL to place orders and/or view results
  • **Hybrid Setup – IRL provides the client with a complete system which includes, PC, laser printer, bar-code label printer and high speed internet connection.

**Hybrid clients must use the system for both orders and results and must meet specific volume requirements.

IRL offers two different AccessIRL client account types:

  • Results Only – Clients use traditional methods for placing orders, but use AccessIRL for viewing and/or printing out results. This is often used independently or in conjunction with other traditional reporting methods such as fax or hard copy.
  • Orders and Results – Clients use the web-based AccessIRL software to place orders for patients as well as view and print out patients’ results.

IRL offers its AccessIRL clients two different report types:

  • A traditional report which shows the results for the tests that were ordered.
  • A historical report which shows the current results as well as the patients’ last three results for the tests that were ordered. This allows physicians to quickly and easily see trends in their patients’ lab work.

IRL provides a full-time staff of technology specialists to assist clients with the AccessIRL program as well as any hardware issues hybrid clients may be experiencing.

Contact Us:
If you are experiencing problems with AccessIRL, need to reset a password, or want to add or remove users from your account, please contact IRL at (800) 522-0232, 8# then 1 or (954) 777-0018, 8# then 1 for immediate assistance. Note: You must be a registered user.

To get more information about AccessIRL or to start using it, please contact IRL for details at (954) 777-0018, ext. 277.