Why Choose Integrated Regional Laboratories As Your Laboratory?

IRL is a full service provider for clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology services, providing hospitals, physicians, and clients with timely diagnostic information for patient care. Our infrastructure includes a fully automated esoteric core laboratory in Fort Lauderdale, a histology and microbiology operation in Largo, Florida, and a network of hospital based rapid-response laboratories throughout Florida.

Hospital Services

IRL has over 13 years of experience in supporting the unique diagnostic needs of acute care facilities, including both technical and professional services:

  • Laboratory Management
  • Pathology Professional Services
  • Esoteric Referral Testing
  • Centralized microbiology
  • Centralized histology

Commercial Outreach Services

IRL’s commercial outreach business serves more than 1,800 domestic and international commercial clients, including surgery centers, physician offices, nursing homes, oncology centers and other business accounts.

A Complete Laboratory Solution

IRL utilizes cutting edge laboratory technology designed to: track sample status from specimen collection through specimen storage, minimize the need for specimen allocation; facilitate rapid specimen routing to testing equipment; enable specimen sampling directly from the automation track; auto-release normal patient results; and optimize specimen storage and retrieval.

IRL offers a state-of-the art diagnostic testing menu, stat testing, unmatched microbiology capabilities, as well as accessible, personalized client support services that include:

  • a professional sales and marketing team
  • fleet of courier vehicles to support hospital and commercial outreach specimen transportation.
  • full-service clinical and anatomic pathology laboratory capabilities with proven success in acute care and outpatient settings
  • full-time on-site medical and clinical consultants who provide guidance during test selection and interpretation
  • international service and multilingual professionals who communicate with clients and physicians outside the United States.

Access IRL—a web-based electronic laboratory test ordering and reporting system designed for use in physicians’ offices, nursing stations, mobile phlebotomy units, or virtually any computer with Internet access—interfaces with client Practice Management Systems and Electronic Medical Record Systems to facilitate information exchange and optimize office staff efficiency.

“IRL’s commitment is to provide the right information, in the right place, at the right time, every time,” says Joanne Trout, chief executive officer for IRL. “With our cutting-edge technologies, process and equipment standardization, extensive test menu offering, shorter outpatient wait times, and efficient and professional staff, we offer the capabilities of a national laboratory with the personal touch of a regional facility. Simply put, we provide faster and more accurate lab results for better patient care.”

Quality First

IRL is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) as a fully integrated system. In support of this initiative, IRL has standardized its policies and practices across all testing locations including: chemistry, coagulation, flow cytometry, hematology, histology, microbiology, molecular diagnostics, pathology, point of care, serology, transfusion services, urinalysis, specimen collection, quality and safety.

Our commitment to the Six Sigma approach demonstrates and assures continuous process improvement. Successful projects include Hospital Laboratory ER TAT reduction, enhanced modalities for client report delivery, reduction in specimen collection errors, and duplicate order reduction.

For the most advanced technologies, the very finest in customer service, and the accurate information you require, call on Integrated Regional Laboratories.