IRL Employee Benefits At-A-Glance

Paid Time Off (PTO)
Vacation, Holiday, Sick

** Accrual on actual hours paid
Extended Illness Bank
Health Insurance PPO
HMO – One Source EPO
Dependent coverage available
Additional Prescription & Medical Rider PPO Only
Dental Insurance Metlife PPO – deductible
Cigna DMO
Dependent coverage available
Life Insurance Choice of coverage amount.
Dependent coverage available.
Long Term Disability Income replacement 50% or 60% of monthly pay. Waiting period 5 months after injury/illness.
Flexible Spending Medical/Vision Account.
Daycare Account.
Tuition Assistance
401 K (per diem employee eligible)
Years of Service HCA Plan Match
0-4 100% of 3% of pay
5-9 100% of 4% of pay
10-14 100% of 6% of pay
15-19 100% of 7% of pay
20-24 100% of 8% of pay
25+ 100% of 9% of pay
Short Term Disability
Supplemental insurance (Core Plus Benefits)
Income replacement 60% of monthly pay up to 6 months after injury/illness.
Guardian Legal
Supplemental insurance (Core Plus Benefits)
Pre-paid legal services.
IBM SEFCU Payroll deductions for checking, savings and loans.
Direct Deposit Any bank.

Revised 4/08